Our commitments

Fancy some potatoes ?

No need to wait, Doréoc is what you need !

Treat yourself with our beautiful, tasty potatoes.

We bring you a complete range of products to satisfy all your desires: from Charlotte to Vitelotte, from microwaveable sachets to family packs, there’s something to suit all tastes! To find out more about our varieties and their packaging, click here.

Ribambelle de pommes de terre

A family company

Doréoc is a brand from the company Pom’Alliance, an SME with around 200 employees who are passionate and proud of our products. The result of a merger of 6 family-run SMEs, Pom’Alliance preserves this family vision of a company, and continues to combine tradition and excellence in order to offer you the best that French land has to offer.

Potato : a craft, our gourmet passion!

  • From the field to your plate, everything is done to bring you the very best the potato has to offer.
    Our commitments :
    – selection of the best varieties
    . cooking tests
    . tasting by an expert panel
    – choices from the best regions
    because not all regions are the same when it comes to growing potatoes, we select the best regions for cultivating each variety.
    – expertise in food safety
    our traceability system enables us to identify the origin of each bag sold and therefore to retrace a product’s journey through the agricultural production process. This guarantees you an optimum level of food safety.
    – sustainable management of our activity
    . sustainable irrigation
    . crop rotation and preservation of beneficial insects
    . transport optimisation
    Our aim : to restore the potato back to its former glory and to share our passion with you.

  • Agriculteurs

The Doréoc innovation spirit

  • To give the humble potato a makeover: perhaps it’s not that simple but it’s possible!

    The Doréoc range is regularly improved with new products: a new variety or innovative culinary use. Our products are not done with surprising you yet!

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