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    Zero Insecticide netted bag

    Eat well, consume sustainably! Doréoc is launching a range of three “Zero Insecticide” potatoes.Our commitment: to use no insecticides in production in order to preserve secondary fauna, biodiversity and the environment, while guaranteeing tasty, quality potatoes.

    Baby potatoes netbag

    Baby potatoes are small in size and an essential accompaniment to a roast or for making sautéed diced potatoes. They’re tasty, quick to cook, and you can eat the skin; no more peeling required!

    The Princesse Amandine microwaveable bag: practical, quick, delectable!

    For those in a hurry, here’s a very practical little bag of potatoes: 12 minutes in the microwave and they’re done! What’s more, the Princesse Amandine variety has an natural taste of fresh butter that’s light and tasty for that delicious melt-in-the-mouth experience.

  • The must-have items

    Do you fancy chips, mash or salad?

    Everything is designed to help you in making your choices with this range, presenting very easy-to-read food labelling. The format for these 2.5 kg lines has been adapted for all households, so what are you waiting for?



  • The traditional dishes

    Your favorite varieties are available in small and large packs.
  • The regional specialties

    Did you know?

    Some French regions are particularly suitable for growing potatoes. Bintje in the North, Anoé in Provence or even Belle de Fontenay in Beauce… discover the specialised varieties from French regions and fully appreciate the rich flavour of home-grown products.

  • Specialties

    Varieties selected for their originality: Ratte, surprisingly tasty, Vitelotte, with its purple-coloured flesh, discover another way of enjoying the potato.
  • Microwaveable dishes

    Potatoes with a firm flesh contained in a little sachet adapted for microwave cooking: fast, practical and delicious!
  • Seasonal dishes

    Each season has its own potato speciality: raclette, early season potatoes* chips… Doréoc adapts its range to the seasons for a year rich in flavours. *spring harvest potato: otherwise known as the ‘new potato’! They are harvested before they reach maturity, giving them their delicate and easy-to-peel skin. Their freshness gives them a slightly nutty flavour, which is highly prized among gourmet food lovers. They are in abundance between April and August, depending on the years.
  • Zero Pesticide Residues

    Doréoc is one of the founding members of the Nouveaux Champs consortium, a citizen-producer initiative specialised in French fruit & vegetables and committed to agricultural and environmental progress. Therefore, Doréoc has launched its first ever freshness bag of zero residue pesticides potatoes and commits to further provide you with tasty potatoes, produced with protecting the environment and direct ecosystem in mind.